Hi, my name is Oz.

I'm a computer science educator and homeschool dad, working remotely from rural Australia. Since 2015, I have run Bradfield, a small professional school originally located in San Francisco but now fully online. As of 2023, I'm investing much of my creative energy into csprimer.com, a self-paced computer science curriculum. Previously I was a software engineer and engineering manager, including as the founding CTO of Vida Health.

Some of the guiding principles in my work are that technology can be a force for great good, but only if we understand it in depth, and that there are better and worse ways to strive for this understanding.

This website is primarily an index page for random pieces of writing. If you’d like to contact me about this or anything else, the best ways are by twitter or email. If you would like to collaborate with me on something, I have a Request for Collaborators doc to give you a sense of the general space of ideas that interest me.